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Orlandi Trailer

Prices and availability are subject to change, contact the dealer for the most up to date inventory and pricing. All prices are cash only and do not reflect Tax and license and/or any finance charges.

Need Trailer Financing?

Providing the trailers for the best price, Orlandi Trailer is also supplying customers with exceptional trailer financing from Sheffield Financial. Sheffield will provide you will with the funding assistance you need to become a new Orlandi Trailer owner.sheffield-finanical-300x102 (1) Sheffield Financial continually works towards customers’ financing needs by processing applications seven days a week and specializing in loans for hauling cars and equipment.

Our customer service hours are Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm and our loan processing hours are Mon-Sat: 8am-10:30pm as well as Sunday: 1pm-8pm. At Sheffield Financial, customers will find that our company will do everything we can to help you gain your new, dependable trailer.

To make financing simple and reliable, here are the few steps that need to be taken, to apply for assistance:

  • Complete our online application, listing Orlandi Trailer as the trailer dealer.
  • Check your email or call Sheffield for the determination of your application.
  • Call Orlandi Trailer wilth your approval number and trailer request.
  • Let Orlandi Trailer handle the rest!

Matchless in their industry, Sheffield offers applicants state-of-the-art varieties of financing products, welcoming and timely service, less paperwork, and quick credit decisions.

Click Here to Apply Online

Plan Name Interest Rate Term Minimum Amount Financed
3.99% for 24 Months 3.99% 24 Months $1,500
3.99% for 36 Months 3.99% 36 Months $1,500
4.99% for 24 Months 4.99% 24 Months $1,500
4.99% for 36 Months 4.99% 36 Months $1,500
4.99% for 48 Months 4.99% 48 Months $2,000
4.99% for 60 Months 4.99% 60 Months $5,000
5.99% for 36 Months 5.99% 36 Months $1,500
5.99% for 48 Months 5.99% 48 Months $2,000
5.99% for 60 Months 5.99% 60 Months $5,000
6 Months No Interest
WITH Payments,
9.99% for 36 Months
9.99% 36 Months $1,500
6 Months No Interest
WITH Payments,
9.99% for 60 Months
9.99% 60 Months $5,000