ATC Toy Haulers

The ATC Toy Hauler is built using the same manufacturing principals that helped our trailer division become an industry leader in quality and fit and finish.

Lean Manufacturing   guides our dedication to continuous improvement. It’s the same philosophy that propelled Japanese auto makers to the forefront of the auto industry in the middle of the 20th century, and is what many American auto makers adopted to achieve their current levels of success.

The idea is simple but the execution takes years of practice - eliminate waste and develop a sharp focus on customer value.

Our focus on customer value has translated to a tightly built, reliable and lightweight aluminum toy hauler. An investment in an ATC Toy Hauler is a long term investment. It's an investment in family recreation for generations.

You'll be hauling motorcycles, ATV’s and 4 wheelers across America for decades, without concern. The floor and the ceiling are welded to the side walls, creating a fully integrated, lightweight aluminum frame. Call or visit Orlandi Trailer to see what the ATC Toy Hauler is all about.

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